Keeping Your Pet Calm and Happy this New Years Eve

Read more to learn some tips on how to keep your pet calm and happy this New Year's!

New Year’s Eve is here and you know what that means, right? 

Loud celebrations everywhere! 

As Veterinary professionals we hear many complaints of pets being scared, anxious and sometimes even afraid during New Year’s celebrations! It makes sense if you think about it. Our neighbors are celebrating in their nearby homes and oftentimes those celebrations include noise factors like blow horns, fireworks, and continuous doorbell rings announcing that guests have arrived.  New Year’s is a really fun holiday and is great fun for most people, but that is not always the case for our pets so it’s important that as pet parents we consider these few things during the holidays:

How to keep your pet calm and happy:

  1. Try to exercise your pet earlier in the day when there are less people in your neighborhood.
  2. Keep your pet inside your home in a safe, comfortable, and familiar spot during the fireworks.
  3. Provide a safe place inside for your pet to retreat if they are overwhelmed when you invite them outside.  If your pet is happy in a crate and enjoys this as their safe spot, that can be a great option.
  4. If utilizing a crate, you can cover it to remove and visual stimulation that could also upset your pet.
  5. Always make sure your pets are wearing their ID tag on a properly fitting collar or harness, in case they manage to get out.  If you haven’t already, be sure to get your pet microchipped, as it could help tremendously if your pet gets lost.
  6. Give your pet something fun to engage with – like a frozen treat, stuffed KONG toy, puzzle, or their favorite toy!
  7. Sound Therapy is another option that can be explored but it is important to note that it is most effective when you start playing music before the fireworks start.  This will be best used at a time when your pet is feeling peaceful, comfortable, and relaxed. Continue to play the music as the festivities begin and your pet will begin to associate the music with that same feeling as before, making them feel more calm and content.
  8. If your pet likes to be held, and finds it comforting, they may find themselves wanting to be in your arms during the loud celebrations.  Be sure you’re able to do so safely and comfortably.  We wouldn’t recommend holding a pet who doesn’t typically enjoy being held.

    Have you tried all these methods and nothing seems to be working for your pet? 

There is always the option of talking to your vet about possible medications that would help ease your pets discomfort.  For more serious inquiries, please call us and speak with a doctor.  There are many options available and we would be more than  happy to discuss the best option for your specific  pet. 


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