Low-Stress Handling

Fear Free Veterinary Care

We've modified our procedures, handling, and facilities to help your pet feel safe and comfortable while receiving care.
Specialized Training

Our staff receives regular training on Fear Free techniques and handling in order to ensure that we evolve as new research develops. We also create a relaxing environment by using calming colors and soft lighting wherever possible.

A Gentle Touch

We may initially avoid eye contact with your pet and focus on you instead in order to avoid intimidation. During your pet's exam, we may use gentle pressure to soothe your pet by using a towel or compression garment.

Pet Appeasing Pheromones

Scentless pheromones are used throughout the entire practice in order to help pets feel safe and secure when encountering potentially stressful situations. These pheromones promote a sense of safety for pets by synthetically mimicking the scent their mothers emitted at birth.

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