Homemade Frozen Treats To Keep Your Pet Cool

We've curated some delicious pet treat recipes for you to try during these hot summer months.

Want to help your dog cool down on these hot summer days?  We’ve compiled some of the greatest recipes to share with our fellow pet parents. These sweet Summer Treat are sure to Help Cool Down Your Dog and the best part is they’re all homemade so you know exactly what you’re pet is getting.

Fruit Freezes:


1 cup berries (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries are all safe for dogs.)

These berries are soft and easy for dogs to chew and don't contain any ingredients that are toxic to canines.

¼ cup water

Wash and clean fruit (cut tops off strawberries)

Puree fruit in a blender with water

Place fruit puree in an ice cube tray or silicone mold, filling ¾ of the way

Freeze until completely frozen

Fruit and Yogurt Freezies:



1 cup fruit (berries, apple, melon, banana, pineapple)

Remember: NEVER give dogs GRAPES, they are toxic!

1 cup Greek or plain yogurt 

Did you know? Yogurt can be very beneficial for your dog. It is high in protein, which helps keep your dog feel full. It’s also a good source of calcium which as we know helps keep their bones strong and healthy.  Another reason we love adding yogurt to our dogs tasty treats is because it is full of probiotics which help aid your dog's digestive system.        

Clean and prep the fruit by dicing it into small pieces that will fit into an ice cube tray

Put diced fruit into ice cube trays or mold

Fill trays or mold with plain yogurt

Freeze until completely frozen

Frozen Watermelon Banana Bites:


1 banana

1 ½ cups watermelon

Puree watermelon

Slice banana into thin slices

Place one banana slice per ice cube tray

Fill tray to the top with the watermelon puree

Freeze until solid 

Stuff & Freeze a toy:

A Kong toy can provide hours of entertainment for a dog and it can be filled with many different types of treats. Pet stores do sell cheese-like canned products as well as some flavored with peanut butter, however there are healthier alternatives that you can make for your pet right in the comfort of your home.

Kong toys are great because of their design. They have a hole to store treats in making it a fun interactive toy for your pet to play with. If you want your pet to enjoy the toy for a longer period of time, we recommend freezing the Kong once you’ve put some treats inside. 

We’ve crafted up some delicious treat recipes for you to spoil your pet with:


Savory Kong Treat: 1 cup of boiled potato, ½ cup cut up chicken, ½ cup low-fat cheese. 

Fruity Kong: 1 banana, 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup berries.

Chicken Dinner Kong:, handful of shredded, boiled chicken, handful of cooked carrots, 1 tbsp. Yogurt.

Sweet and Crunchy Kong: handful of cut up carrots, pureed berries, 1 tbsp yogurt, ½ cup of dry kibble

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