Wellness Examinations and Vaccines

From nose to tail.

We'll make sure your pet is happy and healthy with a comprehensive exam and personalized treatment plan.

Included in Your Pet's Exam
Comprehensive physical examinations conducted at Brook Farm provide an in-depth assessment of your pet’s overall health, establish important baselines and meticulously inspect your pet from tooth to tail.
Ear and eye exam
Rectal exam
Dental exam
Neurologic evaluation
Cardiovascular evaluation
Coat and skin evaluation
Abdominal palpation
Urogenital evaluation
Musculoskeletal evaluation
Pulmonary/lung evaluation
Recommended Annually

We’ll keep your pet safe from heartworm, bordetella and more — and send reminders when they’re due for a vaccine.

Weight and Nutrition

Every pet has a unique microbiome, and we’ll help you zero in on the foods and ingredients that work best for them.


We’ll teach you techniques to get your pet modeling the best behavior — it’s as much about training the human as the animal.

"The staff shows such a caring attitude toward me and my pets."

Kathi, Dutchess County, NY
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