Personalized Play & Enrichment

Doggy Day Camp

Is your dog getting the exercise and socialization they need? Treat your dog to a fun and active day at camp and bring home a happy  pooch! Our doggy day camp services are designed to improve your pup’s quality of life in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.
"Having so much fun at camp!"
Burn off excess energy

All-Day Play!

A happy, healthy, and safe dog is our top priority. You can be confident knowing your dog will be well-cared for while they run, jump, and romp around in our spacious play areas.

Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior
Increases overall happiness!
Enjoy Peace of Mind

We put your pet first!

Designed with your dog in mind.

Our friendly and attentive team will do everything possible to ensure Brook Farm feels like a home away from home for your pup.

We know dogs. And we know that while some dogs love to romp around all day, others thrive in a more intimate play setting with more personalized TLC and more rest time in between play. Whatever your pup prefers, our day care options are designed to meet the unique needs and personalities of all pups.

We're a unique breed.

We believe that everyone should share their life with a dog – and we are here to enhance the joy of pet parenthood.

Because you’re trusting us to care for a beloved member of your family, we take pride in providing your pup with a safe and fun environment while they’re with us.

Safety is our top priority.

You’re leaving someone who is a part of your family with us, and our team will treat your pet the same way they would their own.

Our pledge to you is that your furry child will be in great hands with us. We’ve taken every precaution when it comes to the design and maintenance of our facilities.
We take every precaution to keep your pet safe.