Top 3 Reasons To Get Your Pet Microchipped

Reduce the risk of your pet becoming another lost companion sitting in a shelter, unidentifiable by placing a highly effective, non-invasive microchip. No special appointment is required to place our microchips, which can be read by any microchip scanner in the world.

Are you unsure if you should microchip your dog? There’s a reason this process is highly recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and animal-rescue shelters.

Below are three reasons why Brook Farm Veterinary Center finds it a smart decision to microchip your pet:
  1. If your dog gets lost, they can easily be found.

    We prefer microchipping because it is a reliable way to get your pet back to your family. A collar can easily break and fall off leaving your dog unidentifiable if they get out. If your dog has any medical conditions their microchip will include all of that information, as well as your personal contact information, to make it easier to reunite your pet with your family.

  2. If your dog is stolen and you need to make sure it’s them that you find.

    A quick scan of the microchip can help determine if a lost pet is yours or not. If your dog gets out, be sure to get your dog microchipped in order to be certain you’re bringing home the correct dog from the lost and found. If for some reason someone takes your dog and masks their identity by dying their fur you can also scan their microchip to be sure that it’s them!

  3. If something happens to you while walking your pet,

    Most of us don’t carry much on us while we are out on a walk with our dogs - except poop bags, right? Think about if something was to happen to you and you didn’t have your identification on hand. For example, an article
    in Wired detailed a witness’ story of watching an elderly woman get hit by a car while out walking her dog. The woman, unfortunately, was severely injured and had no form of ID on her. At the hospital they scanned the dogs microchip and found enough information to contact her family and alert them of her whereabouts. After hearing about this story it’s clear why Brook Farm Veterinary Center encourages all pets to be microchipped.
Get your dog microchipped at Brook Farm Veterinary Center so they can be scanned by any microchip scanner in the world to be reunited with you should they ever become lost or stolen.







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