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Razor-sharp. Empathetic. Talented. The team at Brook Farm is known for their world-class veterinary care — because your pet is worth it.

35+ Years in the Making

Nothing but the best for your pet.

Low-stress handling
Flexible hours
Payment plans available
Friendly, professional staff
Clean and sanitary exam rooms

Get to the heart of the problem - fast.

Our modern in-house laboratory equipment, combined with our partnerships with respected laboratories and board-certified pathologists, provides us with fast, reliable results.

When you need a pro.

Weird poops? Can’t keep food down? We’ve seen it all. We’ll perform an exam and get your pet feeling better in no time.

Time-honored healing techniques.

We'll work with you to craft an individualized wellness plan to address your pet’s unique needs.

The attention you deserve.

Our Client Advocacy team will do everything possible to assist you - day and night. We're always looking out for what's best for your pets.

Reduce the risk of your pet becoming another lost companion sitting in a shelter, unidentifiable by placing a highly effective, non-invasive microchip. No special appointment is required to place our microchips, which can be read by any microchip scanner in the world.

Senior Care

Our pets deserve dedicated individualized care as they age. Brook Farm practices a sympathetic and mindful approach to pets as they enter the senior years. Monitoring, detailed wellness plans and family involvement are some of the ways that we ensure your pet’s optimal care at each stage of elderly life.

House Calls

We firmly believe that access to veterinary care should be available to anyone, in any situation. We will happily send our doctor out to your home to provide any services needed.

On-Site Pharmacy

For your convenience, Brook Farm offers a fully stocked on-site pharmacy. When our one of our licensed veterinarians writes a prescription, we can supply you with the necessary medication right here at the office.

Reproductive Care

Brook Farm understands the commitment and concerns associated with breeding. Our staff as the training and necessary equipment to monitor your pet's pregnancy from conception to birth. Whether by natural birth or C-section, our experienced medical team ensures that safety is always at the forefront.

Laser Therapy

Aches and pains are inevitable with age. We provide many non-invasive services to successfully alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Laser therapy, for example, safely reduces inflammation while your pet remains fully conscious and relaxed.

Hospice Care

Veterinary hospice care is a unique approach to your pet’s end-of-life needs. In the vulnerable stages of elderly life, we recognize the importance of maintaining a comfortable, nurturing environment. If your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or if further therapy is not a viable option, we will work with your family to manage the symptoms so that you and your pet may find peace and closure together.

Digital X-Ray & Ultrasonography

We know that time is a top priority when assessing internal problems, foreign bodies or tumors in a sick pet. Our on-site digital radiology services provide us with access to immediate, high-quality imagery. We also partner with the world’s leading radiologists to ensure that each case is thoroughly reviewed.


Heart conditions are not uncommon in companion animals. With a clinical examination and the use of our ECG device, we can detect minor disturbances in the heart and determine a clear diagnosis. Successful management of heart disease starts with early detection and effective treatments.

Genetic Testing

Owning a dog of a non-specific breed and guessing their genetics can be a challenge. Now, we can eliminate the guesswork! A simple test will reveal you pets true background. Knowing what your pet’s DNA makeup can prepare you for any breed-specific health concerns and related genetic mutations.

Allergy Screening

Allergies can wreak havoc on your pet’s health at any time of the year, and it can be a long unsuccessful road pinpointing an allergen without appropriate screening. Brook Farm offers a quick and accurate approach to allergy screening: with a simple blood draw, allergens can be identified, and effective solutions and relief for you pet will be provided.

Cardiac Health Screening

A variety of different heart diseases, including degenerative, infectious or congenital conditions, can occur in pets. Any disruption to the normal pumping process of the heart can result in various forms of heart disease. Brook Farm offers quick, affordable cardiac risk screening that enables us to identify and treat early signs of heart disease.

“Everyone is so professional and kind. They treated my dog gently and with great expertise.”
Brandon S., Brewster, NY
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