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Every patient is different, but we do everything we can to give you a clear estimate once we’ve examined your pet. See what to expect.
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How much will my pet's visit cost?
Recommending care is a sensitive process. Veterinary medicine is unique since our patients can't speak, so the simplest way to understand what your pet needs is to see and feel them in person. Physical exams help us understand the extent of your pet's condition. As such, our treatment plans are estimates that may change once we are able to completely evaluate your pet. After your pet's first exam, we can provide a written treatment plan for planning purposes. We don’t give medical diagnoses, advice or estimates over the phone because we must see and touch our patients to provide them the best care possible.
Why is veterinary care so expensive?
Veterinary fees are a reflection of the costs of maintaining suitable facilities, equipment, and qualified personnel to provide the level of care that is expected in veterinary medicine today.Like human doctors, veterinarians obtain a 4-year undergraduate degree, 4 years of medical school, and complete an internship and residency. Highly skilled and well-trained staff are an investment in what's best for your pet. Although very similar to human medicine in its highly educated medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment, veterinary medicine does not have the same insurance umbrella that human medicine benefits from.
Do you have payment plans available?
We accept Care Credit, ScratchPay, and all pet insurances. Payment in full is expected when services are rendered. We also accept all major credit cards, cash, and check. We do not provide in-house financing or billing.

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