About Us

We're obsessed
with pets.

The love we feel for animals drives us to do our best — we’re not afraid to roll around on the ground with a pup, and we love the kitten snuggles and puppy breath that greets us each day.
"For the last 30 years,
I have always been treated with courtesy and respect."
Avg. after 600 ratings.
"Every single person I've come in contact with is so caring and welcoming."
Meet Our Owners

To us, you're family.

Brook Farm is owned entirely by our founder, Dr. Evan Kanouse DVM, and his son, Evan Kanouse, Jr.

We work with initiative, positivity and warmth to bridge the gap between human and pet, focusing on wellness to keep a better, stronger bond — we know pets are family.

Our Mission

We act in the benefit of all living creatures. At Brook Farm, we cultivate relationships of service that honor the human-animal bond and acknowledge our interconnectedness.


At Brook Farm, our goal is to find communion with other beings through relationships of service to people, pets, and the planet.


We deliver excellence by caring and connecting with others. To work with precision is to see the whole picture, and to always be committed to learning something new.


We are responsible for setting an example for each other and for future generations. We must be conscious of our impact and seek to leave the world better than we found it.

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