Symptom Awareness: Diarrhea

Is your pet suffering with diarrhea? Give us a call so we can help determine the root cause of their discomfort.

The list of things that can cause diarrhea is very long, ranging from stress, to something they ate, to a recent change in their diet or new medication.  More serious things can also be a trigger, like infections, parasites, toxins, and other medical conditions. 

If your pet has one soft stool, there is probably no need to panic.  It’s usually okay to wait it out.  However if it doesn’t go away and if it’s getting worse for example your pet is not enjoying eating or drinking, they seem lethargic, in pain or distress, you should contact us immediately.

Diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration and it’s important to act quickly.  Young, elderly, and very small dogs, or dogs with pre-existing conditions are even more at risk and should be seen by their vet.  It takes a very strong stomach to deal with diarrhea... we know it's unpleasant and thankfully we can help! 

Call us to schedule your pet's exam.

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