DO's and DON'TS of Pet Dental Care

It can be hard to know what we should and shouldn’t do for our pet’s dental care, so we are here to list some of the major do’s and don’ts of pet dental care.

Dental care for pets has become a popular topic among pet parents and veterinarians, especially around February because it is National Pet Dental Health Month. It can be hard to know what we should and shouldn’t do for our pet’s dental care, so we are here to list some of the major do’s and don’ts of pet dental care.

Together we will work to keep your dog and cat’s teeth healthy and clean.


DO: Ask us about your pet’s dental health

Veterinarians are trained to look for signs of dental disease. The sooner the veterinarian determines signs of dental disease the better off your pet will be. If Brook Farm Veterinary Center recommends a dental cleaning for your pet, it’s not just for fresher breath and pearly white teeth, we are much more concerned about the overall health of your pet. Periodontal disease can lead to damage to your pet’s heart, kidneys and liver and is important to address as soon as signs appear. It can also make your pet feel lethargic.  Broken teeth, as we know, can be a source of pain and infection so it’s important that your pet’s damaged teeth be treated as soon as you notice.

DO: Give your pet Dental Treats

Thankfully there are so many treats available nowadays that are scientifically proven to reduce our pet’s plaque and tartar build up. We highly recommend giving your pet a chew that helps clean the teeth while also learning to introduce your pet to daily tooth brushing. Animals can’t brush their own teeth, so it’s important we help them out wherever we can, and dental treats are probably the best way to start building this habit.

DO: Schedule your pet’s dental cleaning appointment 

We recommend your pet receives a professional dental cleaning at least once per year. The reason we recommend this is because your pet’s dental health provides a lot of insight into their overall health. Book your pet’s appointment online or give us a call at (845) 878-4833.

DO: Brush your pet’s teeth 

We can’t stress this enough, our pet’s can’t do it themselves, so we must help them out however we can. Tooth brushing is something we can help our pet’s with.  Learn more about how to introduce your pet to daily tooth brushing

Important things to note: DO NOT use human toothpaste & stop immediately if your pet is showing signs of fear, discomfort, pain or stress.

DON’T: Allow your pet’s teeth to be cleaned WITHOUT going under anesthesia

Cleanings without anesthesia are never a good idea. The truth is, the process of scaling a pet’s teeth while they are awake is painful and can be scary for them. It’s also not effective. A thorough oral evaluation and treatment can only be performed under anesthesia. 

To learn more check out our blog where we debunk common myths about dental anesthesia.

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