Why Lodging at Brook Farm Leaves Them Wanting More!

Lodging at Brook Farm Veterinary Center is so much fun that we're willing to bet your pet will be begging you to come back!

What to Expect

Dogs boarding with us will enjoy a staycation, burning off any excess energy during numerous one-on-one play sessions. Dogs are separated into large, individual runs. They’ll enjoy 5-6 sessions of open play that features brain games designed to improve manners and behavior. There will also be plenty of time for naps and breaks. If your dog is having lunch, he/she will be fed at noon and will have plenty of time to digest their food before they are allowed to play again. This time is also when we administer any medications, if applicable.

We use large runs because it gives each dog a safe place to rest in, allows them to have some “me” time and allows the staff to safely dispense individual food for dogs who eat lunch and/or medication to each dog if applicable. Similar to children in a daycare, dogs tend to easily adapt to the routine. The staff also thoroughly cleans the entire facility and each and every run multiple times per day.

Unless they're from the same family, dogs never play together with other dogs. We want to be sure they're as comfortable as possible, while also feeling safe in their new home while you're away.

What to Bring

We care about your dog’s safety and comfort. We encourage you to bring your pup’s own food to maintain their regular diet and avoid any digestion issues. You may consider bringing a little extra food for boarding as they burn a lot more calories in play than they typically do at home! If you forget your food for meals – no worries! We have in-house food for your convenience.

During their boarding stay, your dog will be fed at approximately 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., with a treat or lunch at nap time if you request. Food will be served and prepared exactly as requested by each pet parent. We’ll accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have.

You are encouraged to bring any bedding or toys that will make your dog feel “at home” and we will provide them only to them. (Please remember we cannot guarantee bedding will be returned in the same condition.)

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