Why does New York State require pets to be Rabies vaccinated?

Learn why New York State requires pets to receive their rabies vaccine.

Almost always, rabies results in death. But it’s possible to prevent rabies with a rabies vaccine.

As a result of rabies virus infection, the central nervous system is affected. As a result of exposure to the virus, individuals may experience delirium (confusion), abnormal behavior, hallucinations, hydrophobia (fear of water), and insomnia (unrest), which often precede coma and death.

As a result of a bite, scratch, or contact with saliva or neural tissue of an infected animal, people can become easily infected with rabies too. We certainly don’t want you as a pet parent to be at risk of contracting Rabies so we require our patients to have their Rabies vaccine, because it is the best way to prevent this and it’s a law in our state.

Due to the fact that rabies can be transmitted to humans and is nearly always fatal, many communities have laws requiring the vaccination of pets against rabies. A bite from an infected animal is the most common way for rabies to be transmitted. The most common source of rabies exposure for companion animals is surprisingly from bats, skunks, and raccoons.

Most states (but not all) require dogs to receive their rabies vaccinations. When administering rabies vaccines to dogs, veterinarians must follow state, local, and provincial laws which we are very comfortable with since we already provide a higher level of care as an AAHA accredited hospital. At Brook Farm Veterinary Center it’s our promise to help keep you and your pet happy and healthy. 

To keep rabies out of your home, get your pets vaccinated. Keep you, your pet and your family safe. 

For questions or concerns regarding rabies and rabies immunization, give our team a call at (845) 878-4833.  We’re happy to check and make sure your pet is up to date and help schedule an appointment for their core vaccines if they’re coming due.

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