What To Expect During X-Rays

Here's what to expect when your pet is going in for x-rays at Brook Farm Veterinary Center.

X-ray imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows our medical team to see internal images of your pet. Here's what you can expect from your pet's x-ray examination here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center. X-ray images medically referred to as radiographs are created by passing a very small amount of radiation through the body. A detector on the other side, picks up the x-ray and turns them into an image based on how easily they pass through. Denser areas like bones will show up lighter in the image than softer areas like organs. These images allow our highly trained medical team to detect a range of conditions including fractured bones, foreign bodies and internal infections. Throughout the process, our team will be at your pet's side to help them feel comfortable.  Our fear free approach helps us keep them comfortable throughout and in most cases, your pet shouldn't need an anesthetic for this painless procedure. But based on their behavior, a minor sedative may be required to ensure they remain still and calm throughout taking their x-rays.  X-ray imaging is an incredibly helpful tool that equips our doctors with critical information within minutes. This helps get your pet back to a healthy happy life as quickly as possible.

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