What is a technician appointment?

Veterinary technician appointments are handled by a licensed technician rather than a veterinarian. Continue reading to learn what our vet techs can do for you and your pets.

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we are proud of our veterinary technicians, who assist in performing a wide variety of tasks to support the veterinarian.

Our licensed veterinary technicians support the doctor by assisting them with:
  • Sampling for lab work ordered by our DVM
  • Urinalysis retests
  • Nail trims and ear cleanings
  • Vaccines, such as Bordetella and leptospirosis
  • Anal gland expressions and nail trimming
  • Fluid administration
  • Providing general nursing care
  • Evaluating animals and checking vitals in preparation for the veterinarian
  • Taking X-rays of animals
  • Administering first aid for emergencies
  • Administering medication and treatments
  • Drawing blood samples for testing

How are technician appointments different from standard appointments?

Veterinary technician appointments are handled by a licensed technician rather than a veterinarian. We typically schedule a standard appointment for 40 minutes, whereas a technician appointment is approximately 20 minutes long. Our technician appointments are set up to get clients in and out faster and helps our veterinarians manage their busy workloads. Technician appointments also cost a little less for clients than an exam with our doctors since it's less time consuming and straight to the point.

What is a technician appointment?

Technician appointments are visits handled by a licensed technician rather than the veterinarian. Technician appointments are quick and convenient, and can get your pet in and out of the clinic in approximately 20 minutes. Brook Farm Veterinary Center only offers technician appointments to patients who have recently been seen by one of our veterinarians and who are up to date on their yearly exam. When booking your next appointment with Brook Farm Veterinary Center, ask our team if you can book it as a tech appointment and we'd be happy to look up your pet's account and make sure they're eligible and up to date.

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