Want your cat to stay in purrrfect health? Watch out for this!

If you want your cat to remain their healthiest it's important to keep an eye out for heart disease.

We want your cat to stay happy and healthy because they’re part of the family. Our pets are our family so of course, we treat your pets like family, too. At Brook Farm Veterinary Center, our team of animal lovers is excited to work with you and help you build customized treatment plans around your specific pet to ensure they’re on a path of lifelong wellness. We offer honest, kind, and compassionate care and we devote our time, energy, and resources to improving your overall experience. 

If you want your cat to stay in tip top shape, it’s important to watch out for heart disease. We recommend annually testing all cats over 5 years of age and any time your cat is going under anesthesia. Heart disease can affect one out of ten cats and, if it goes untreated, can lead to congestive heart failure. We don’t want you to risk losing a family member to an often treatable heart condition, so long as it’s caught in a timely manner. With that in mind, our doctors are happy to announce we now offer the SNAP Feline Pro BNP test, which can help us quickly assess your cat’s risk factors. 

These tests help us out since a lot of cats with heart problems actually show no signs of disease. However, in some cases, there are signs to look out for including:

  • Rapid breathing / appears they are working harder to breath 
  • (sometimes coughing)
  • Appearing more tired or breathing deeply when playing
  • Displaying signs of weakness and/or collapses
  • Hiding / isolating tendencies and a decrease in activity

If you notice your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms please get in contact with our medical team immediately. You can call or text us at (845) 878-4833 - we’re always happy to examine your pet to see what we can do to help! Heart disease in cats can rarely be cured, however it can be managed with medicine. Our medical team can discuss options and prescribe your cat with a pill or liquid form which are similar to those available for humans with heart disease or other similar conditions. If left untreated, heart disease can lead to a buildup of fluid in the lungs, blood clot or sudden death so it’s best to treat with medicine whenever possible. With our in-house pharmacy you can pick them up in house or have them delivered to your door.

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