The Truth About Trupanion Pet Insurance

Find out why Trupanion pet insurance is the best fit for you and your pet(s). See how they standing out from their competition and how they're innovating the way that pet insurance works.

Trupanion is a pet insurance company that is revolutionizing the way that pet insurance works. They have created a policy with your pet in mind. Best part about it, there is no guesswork, because all pets get the best coverage we have to offer under their one simple plan.Unlike most pet insurance companies, Trupanion stands out from their competition because their plan will cover 90% of veterinary costs on eligible claims once the deductible has been met.  This is quite rare as typically you’d see insurance companies only willing to pay out a smaller percentage.  

Trupanion not only has the best reimbursement rate, but they offer no payout limits meaning there is no cap to the amount you can be reimbursed for. Think of it this way, if your pet needs unexpected emergency care, you can rest assured knowing that Trupanion will help you pay for an eligible claim up to 90%. Another aspect of Trupanion that makes them stand out from the rest is that they truly want to help make dealing with pet insurance companies easier than in the past.  With this in mind they agreed to be the one to make payment to your veterinarian at the time of service, instead of you having to pay and then wait weeks for a reimbursement check. As a pet parent you can really rest assured knowing that Trupanion has your back.  When you file a claim, they’ll cover 90% of the eligible healthcare expenses for your pet.  With that being said, you are left responsible for any non-eligible expenses, your deductible, and the remaining 10% of your bill.   This helps our team work with you to provide your pet the best medical care, no matter what it takes.

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we proudly accept Trupanion pet insurance. Should you have any questions, our front desk staff would be happy to help submit a claim on your behalf.

Trupanion comes recommended by many veterinary professionals and is trusted by over 500,000 pets. We find it extremely impressive that they’ve paid out more than $1 billion to help cats and dogs get the proper medical care they need. As pet parents ourselves, we really like how their plan is laid out because you’re only responsible for the routine and preventative care. Basically these are the costs you expect to pay whenever owning a dog. However, when it comes to the unexpected, Trupanion will be there for life.

What to Know About Pet Insurance

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