Saying Goodbye When the Time Comes

Only you and your pet will truly know when the right time is. Many factors contribute to this decision but your friends at Brook Farm Veterinary Center will be there for you throughout this difficult time, whenever that may be.

We make decisions for our pets their entire lives. We are their consistent advocates and every  choice we make for them comes from a place of love. Making these end of life choices for our pets is without doubt the most difficult part of having an animal companion. We have all looked to our pets for comfort as much as they have to us, and the thought of losing them will never be easy. 

At what point do we consider making these end of life choices

For each and every family this process will be completely different.

Only you and your pet will truly know when the right time is. Many factors contribute to this decision. 

Will it be when we know that no amount of care will give them the quality of life they deserve? When we know that continuing treatments of any kind will cause more suffering than relief? When we have expended all resources? When there has been a tragic accident or unforeseen circumstances? 

Everyone at Brook Farm Veterinary Center understands that there is no clear answer.  There is never an easy time to talk about euthanasia, but when the time is right, Dr. Kanouse and Dr. Clark will talk you through each step of the process so you know what to expect. Euthanasia is often the last act of kindness you can show your pet as they end their journey in this world.  Brook Farm is a family, and each one of us has suffered the pain of losing a pet. We know that losing a pet is losing a friend. At the end of life, like any other stage, our pets comfort comes above all else and only you can know if your pet will need you present for support or if your reaction will be too distressing for them. The duration of our pets life, be it short or long, will never seem like enough time. They have lived to make us happy and in the last months,weeks, days, minutes talk to them. Show them how happy they made you. We think it is really important to spend time saying goodbye and we can be beside you or give you the space you and your family may need. Euthanasia is not giving up it is being their voice, advocating for the animals we love, one last time. 

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