Meet Emmy and Whit - BFVC's Office Cats

Get an inside look at the lives of our office cats, Emmy and Whitman!
(Emmy & Whitman as kittens 3 years ago.)

As some of you may know, Brook Farm Veterinary Center has two lovely office cats that we care for and who keep us company throughout the work day.  We thought it would be fun to take this opportunity to introduce them to you and show you how they keep us entertained day after day.

Emmy showing us those beautiful green eyes of hers!
Whitman swaddled in his favorite blanket.

Emmy and Whitman have been part of the Brook Farm Family for over 3 years now.  They were dropped off to us as stray kittens and we took them in and examined them to be sure they weren’t having any upper respiratory symptoms.  Thankfully they both checked out “purrfectly” fine but we took an extra precaution and put them into our feline isolation area so we could keep an eye on them.  It was when Dr. Kanouse’s wife Pat came to visit, she saw them and immediately fell in love.  Oddly enough Emmy looked exactly like one of their cats, Chewy.  At this point we knew they were here to stay. 

For the past three years, they’ve kept us smiling and laughing at their quirkiness and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Whenever our Operations Assistant Helena goes into the office to unpack shipments she is greeted by one or both of the office kitties looking for some attention and a box to play with. Boxes provide endless hours of enjoyment for these two kitties. 

Whit and Emmy love to be the star of the show around here. Some of their other favorite activities include playing on their cat trees, hiding in boxes, snuggling up together for a nap, and roaming around stealing office chairs from our team.

We are so happy that Emmy and Whitman are part of the Brook Farm Family.  We enjoy their company and love to take them out during the day so they can roam free around our office.  We have lots of amenities for them to enjoy: cat toys, cat trees, scratching posts, beds, and everything else they may need right here at their disposal.  We think they love being here as much as we love having them. They show us lots of love and affection whenever they get a chance. 

Emmy and Whit snuggled up in the same bed.
Emmy likes to help us write our cards!
Emmy has so much fun playing with packing paper, it's hysterical!

They love each other so much and cuddle together more so than not.
We really lucked out with these two.  Thank you to Emmy and Whit for providing us with your unconditional love, cuddles, and quirky entertainment.

(Emmy & Whitman cuddling on their cat tree)

(Becca got her chair stolen by Whit and her lap occupied by Emmy!)

(Whitman claiming this chair as his own)
(Snuggle buddies)
(Emmy is the most loving kitty who loves attention)

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