What to Expect When You Board Your Pet

Your pet will receive lots of love and attention while you're away! At Brook Farm, every pet is treated as we would our own.

When your pet is lodging with Brook Farm Veterinary Center, you can rest assured that we will treat them as if they were our own. Each pet is kept separately unless family members are requested to be housed together. Each run is spacious and provide more than ample room for your pet to remain active.

  • Cats are kept in spacious cages since they remain quite inactive while boarding and large open spaces tend to upset them.
  • Heating or air conditioning is provided as needed.
  • State-of-the-art bathing facilities are available to ensure your pet is kept in a fresh and clean condition.
  • Our canine guests are put into outdoor exercise areas at least five to seven times a day for fresh air and increased social activity. Actual pet-to-pet contact is not permitted so that social disagreements (fighting) is not a concern and to decrease the risk of disease transmission (kennel cough, parasites, etc).
  • Each pet is fed in accordance with your pet’s age, weight and health issues with guidance from you, the owner.  
  • And of course, a veterinarian is available 7 days a week in the event your pet should need medical care.

You may be worried about how your pet will react to being lodged with us while you are gone.  Studies have shown that animals adapt very well to a boarding environment once the new routine is accepted. Since our pets are creatures of habit and resist change in their routine, the following may affect your fur baby.

  1. Your pet may assimilate food differently, resulting in a weight gain or loss.
  2. Some pets will develop diarrhea. This is correctable with medication and presents no lasting concern.
  3. Certain behavioral changes may occur.  Example: chewing up the favorite bed or blanket that was left with your pet.  Licking areas of the body (causing sores) sometimes occurs.
  4. Underlying conditions may become active.  Example: flare-up of a skin rash or allergy.

Upon taking your pet home they are going to be so excited.  To make the homecoming a pleasant experience please do not give your furry companion (especially dogs) any food or water for the first hour.  Despite the fact that they may have just eaten, it is not uncommon for the dog to drink large amounts of water or gobble down a big meal then get sick to their stomach and vomit.

You may notice slightly different behavior from your pet after being exposed to so many new sights, sounds, and smells. This is normal; your pet should return to their normal temperament within a few days. Likewise, please know that belongings and bedding may be soiled or damaged during your pet´s stay as animals often exhibit different or new traits when they are outside of their normal routine. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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