How To Treat Your Pet's Diabetes

Dogs and cats that have diabetes require treatment throughout their entire life. Brook Farm Veterinary Center wants to be there to help you learn how to treat your pet's diabetes.

Dogs and cats that have diabetes require treatment throughout their entire life.  This may include a special prescription diet, a regular fitness regimen, daily monitoring and in some cases daily insulin injections. Diabetic pets usually require twice-daily injections to keep their glucose levels under control.

Insulin Therapy

The Brook Farm Veterinary Center team will guide you in administering injections so that you're comfortable doing it on your own. We're also here for any questions or help when you miss a dose.

Prescription Diet

Dr. Clark or Dr. Kanouse will prescribe a diet that will help manage your pet’s diabetes and glucose levels, as well as aid weight loss if your pet is obese.

Regular Exercise

Daily exercise is important to help your pet maintain proper blood glucose levels and can aid in weight loss. Keep in mind that weight loss may change your pet’s insulin needs, so check with your Brook Farm if your pet's weight changes.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Regular testing of your pet’s blood glucose level helps ensure he or she is maintaining the proper levels. Testing can be done at home, but it’s also a good idea to see your Brook Farm vet every couple of months.

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