How to transport your cat to the vet?

Learn how to get your cat in their travel carrier without a fight.

As a free free certified establishment we always recommend using a pet carrier when bringing your cat to the vet.  It’s the safest way to travel with your kitty and be sure you both stay safe in the process.

First things first, we’ve been asked this many times, so here are some tips on how to put your cat in their carrier.  Pet parents get stressed out from chasing their beloved fur baby around the house before an appointment, so we want to do our best to help alleviate that stress for both you and your cat.

  1. Place one hand on their chest, behind their front legs and the other hand supporting their bottom half.
  2. Slowly, but confidently, place their head into the carrier first, with the hand on their bottom gently pushing them forward into the carrier.
  3. Close the door gently behind them.

If you have a more aggressive kitty or one who is a bit more stubborn we recommend trying to teach them to associate their travel carrier with pleasant things like food and treats. For example you could try a few different things like:

  1. Feed your cat near their carrier.
  2. After some time, move their food inside the carrier so they actually go inside to eat.
  3. Use feline pheromones such as Feliway to help reduce stress-induced behavior in your cat.

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