How to Take Great Pics of Your Pet

These useful tips will help you take the best pictures of your pet!

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we’re obsessed with pets.  We love scrolling through social media and seeing your pet photos. We thought it’d be a great idea to explain how to get some of the best pics of your pets. This way you can share them on social media with us using our hashtag #ProudBrookFarmer.  

Whenever sharing your pet pics with us on Instagram be sure to tag us @brookfarmvetctr and use our hashtag #ProudBrookFarmer.  Your pet may get a featured on our social media story!

First things first, try and go outside to find an area with good natural lighting.  Animals are in their natural element when outdoors, and in most cases your pet will be excited to go out, making for some great photo opportunities. We recommend trying to set up a pet photo shoot in your backyard, on a walk around the neighborhood or playing at the dog park. To avoid harsh shadows, it’s best to find an area where the sun is lower in the sky or choose to set up your pets photo shoot on a somewhat overcast day for less solar glare. If you have an indoor kitty you want to get photos of outside, try taking them in your backyard while your cat is on a leash.  

If you’re set on shooting your pets photos inside, try to shoot near a large window so there is a lot of natural lighting.  You can try to coax your pet near that particular spot by putting their bed and toys by the window or using treats to get their full attention. 

Images of dogs and cats lounging around the house are super common and let’s face it, they’re adorable but they’re also the easiest to capture.  If you’re looking to add some flare to your photo shoot, you’ll want to focus on capturing your pet’s personality by shooting them while they’re active.  Scenarios that capture your pet's wild side can be priceless. We recommend trying to get footage of them running, jumping, swimming, doing their tricks, chasing after a toy or catching a treat in midair. A helpful tip for those wondering is to use a shutter speed of at least 1/500 to avoid motion blur allowing you to capture their best moments without fear of it being all blurry.


Once you and your pet have mastered taking pics in your backyard, on a neighborhood walk and at the dog park, it’s time to step up your game.  Take your pet to a more scenic venue such as the mountains, beach or lake. These are all amazing places to immerse yourself into the beauty of nature and expand your photography skills.  

As you and your pet get more comfortable taking pictures together, we encourage you to play with more detailed shots of your pet. Find areas to focus on, like wet noses, kitty cat eyes, or even their cute little paws and experiment with what is called macro settings on your device.  These can help adjust the focus on your photos and will give you the best results with close range photos.   

Pets are more likely to hold still and tolerate a photo shoot when they're a little bit tired.  Before shooting portraits of your pet, we recommend taking them on a long walk or run. If you have a very hyper pet, another great option is to try using a calming treat. If you need help picking one to try, let us know at your next visit.  We’d be happy to find one that works best for your pet. 

If you're photographing a pet that appears to be camera-shy, try using treats and toys to gain their attention. For cat parents, we’ve found that dangling a feather or their favorite toy next to the camera works really well. When it comes to dogs, try using a piece of your pet’s favorite protein or treat to grab their attention. If you’re having trouble managing both being the photographer and the distractor we recommend recruiting a friend to help you out.  In order to get the clearest shot of your pet, you’ll probably want to get down on their level.  Putting yourself at eye-level to your pet will allow for a clear and intimate portrait opportunity.

As a general rule of thumb, move slowly when photographing your pets and also avoid making any loud noises. Animals can sense a person's energy and are more likely to be relaxed if you are. 

We hope that you’ll find these tips helpful for how to take great pics of your pets. We look forward to seeing your results! Be sure to connect with us on Facebook at Brook Farm Vet and on Instagram @brookfarmvetctr.  When sharing on Instagram be sure to include #ProudBrookFarmer as well.

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