Fall Pet Safety Tips

Lots of changes are happening this time of year. Here are some fall pet safety tips for you and your pet!

With pumpkin spice in the air and leaves on the ground it’s a good time to talk about potential seasonal dangers our pet may experience during this time of year. Here are some things that should be on your radar with the changing of seasons.

Kids Are Back To School

With fewer playmates around the home, you may find that your pet is napping more throughout the day than normal. One way to combat this change in behavior is to consider hiring a dog walker to take your pooch on a stroll around the neighborhood during the work day. Work close to home? You can also schedule a game of chase the laser with your cat during your lunch break.. Another option if you know your pet will be alone for extended periods of time is giving us a call and dropping your dog at our day care where he or she can romp around our yard, socialize with our team and burn off energy while staying distracted while you’re at work.

Less Daylight

As the days get shorter, your scheduled morning or evening walks will take place in darker parts of the day. We recommend that you consider buying your pet a reflective leash, collar or coat to make sure you and your pet are visible to nearby moving vehicles and others who may be out walking.

Keep Your Pet Protected

Help keep your pets protected with regular tick prevention.  Do not skip doses and be sure to perform thorough tick checks whenever they come inside. Call ahead to find out if your pet needs an exam before we can refill their preventative medications.

Environmental Allergies

Your pet may show signs like itching, scratching or chewing on their skin.  If your pet is experiencing these symptoms please consult your veterinarian for medications that can help bring your pet some relief.

Fur Coat Care

Many pets will shed more in the fall season as their winter coat comes in. Take some time out of your day to brush your pet regularly and get them used to a routine. 


Be Prepared For the Worst

This tip is valid all year around, not just in the fall. We recommend you carry around a pet first aid kit in your car in case your pet gets injured or hurt when out and about. Sometimes walking can cause minor cuts and scrapes because of the excess amount of debris on the roads. This will come in handy if you set it up to have all the things you'll need if your pet gets hurt.

Watch this video to learn about the best items to include in your pet's first aid kit:

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