How To Extend The Life Of Your Pet

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we understand wholeheartedly the burning desire to extend your pet’s life and happiness. 

This is a completely natural response to wanting our furry companions around as long as possible.

It’s true what they say about pets being with us for a “good time, not a long time,” so we are here with some tips on how to extend the life and wellbeing of your pet!

1. Maintain your pet’s teeth: Tooth decay is a very common, yet dangerous health problem for both dogs and cats. Did you know that tooth decay not only creates dental problems, but it can cause infections throughout the body, especially in the heart and kidneys? This is a commonly overlooked health issue our pets experience which can turn fatal, so it’s best to stay on top of your pet’s dental health and incorporate daily brushing into your pet care routine. 

Are you wondering how to get your pet acclimated to daily tooth brushing? At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we recommend brushing your pet's teeth at least a couple of times per week to help keep them clean. Please do not use human toothpaste as it has ingredients that are harmful to our pets. There are pet specific toothpastes and toothbrushes you can purchase to get the job done safely. If your pet has noticeable buildup of plaque, then you should book a dental appointment with Brook Farm’s team of experienced staff as soon as you have time!

2. Keep your pet at their ideal weight:
Obesity is a nationwide crisis, not only affecting humans, but our furry companions too.  Work with your veterinarian to determine your pet’s ideal weight. Once that ideal weight is established you can easily maintain that weight by keeping track of how much they eat and how often they exercise on a regular basis.

Do you know your pet's ideal weight? Ask your Brook Farm Veterinarian at your next visit!

3. Give your pet regular exercise: Dogs need to exercise the same way people do. Ideally, your dog should get at least an hour of exercise each day to improve their overall health and help regulate their weight. This can be in the form of walks in your neighborhood, visits to the local dog park, doggy daycare, or playing a couple games of fetch outside. Cats on the other hand are known to be less active than dogs. A couple ways you can entice your cat to exercise would be to use catnip to get them running around, getting a cat tree that they can climb on, and playing with lasers that they will surely try to catch!

Daily exercise is highly recommended - for humans & our pets!

4. Get regular exams and essential vaccinations:
The early phase of a serious condition can quietly develop inside a perfectly healthy-looking dog or cat. And since pets age faster than we do, their diseases can also advance more quickly. This is the main reason that getting your pet to the veterinarian for regular exams and staying on top of their essential vaccines are crucial. 

5. Give your pet time to relax:
Everyone needs time to relax; this includes our pets.  It’s important to remember that as much as we crave a good work / life balance, our pets require a good balance too.  It takes a lot of energy to keep us humans entertained, so our furry friends need some time to rest without distractions.

Incorporating all of these elements into your pet parenting routine will help extend your pet’s quality of life. Another way you can show your furry companion you care, is bringing them to a trusted facility, filled with dedicated and caring people. At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we are proud to be an AAHA-accredited hospital, so you can trust our team to take care of every detail and make you feel right at home. Our practice is thorough, responsive, sanitary, and safe - we have the AAHA logo to prove it!

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