5 Tips To Help Ease Your Pet's Anxiety

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we want pet's and their owners to have the best possible experience. We've put together some tips on how to help ease your pet's anxiety when visiting the vet, and hope that these fear free techniques will ease their discomfort.

It’s no secret that our pet’s get nervous and anxious when they know they’re going to the vet or to be groomed.

 Every pet parent knows that annual check-ups and vaccinations are critical to their pet’s long-term health. Unfortunately, providing the best care for your pet requires an anxiety-ridden trip to the vet’s office every once in a while. 

We understand why some pets are anxious when they’re coming to see us. Think about it this way, it’s similar to how we feel when we have to go to the dentist for a dental exam. It’s uncomfortable and most likely inconvenient but it’s absolutely necessary to maintain our overall health.

We’re here to let you know that visiting the vet and getting groomed doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience for pets or their humans. So, we’ve come up with some tips to help relieve your pet’s anxiety. Because, let’s be honest, getting poked and prodded certainly upsets the daily routine of our pets who are usually concerned most about eating, sleeping and playing! 


5 tips to ease your pet’s anxiety:

1. Reward Good Behavior 

Bring lots of treats with you to reward your pet’s good behavior from the moment you enter the car all the way to checking in at Brook Farm Veterinary Center. We recommend that you keep meals light ahead of an appointment time so your pet will be excited to gobble up their treats.  Treats provide positive reinforcement and can encourage good behavior when you’re in the car, at the groomers, or at the vet.

2. Keep Them Occupied

If your pet gets nervous or anxious at the vet, you can bring a favorite toy or blanket to provide a familiar scent and a source of comfort in a new environment. Toys can also keep your four-legged friend occupied in the car and while waiting outside for your appointment.

3. Start with a “Happy Visit”

Having a positive association with the vet is a must. If you’re a new client, schedule a meet and greet with our veterinary staff before your pet’s first appointment! This way our staff will get a chance to pet your pet, and feed them some treats all while building a fear-free relationship. It is completely FREE of charge and can last up to 5 minutes. By introducing your pet to our veterinary team ahead of time, it may help your pet relax and feel more comfortable during their future vet examinations / services.

4. Try Practice Runs

Prove to your pet that car rides don’t always end up at the veterinarian. You can take your pet on “joy rides” that end with a treat or a nice walk in the park. That way, your pet won’t associate the car with only going to vet appointments. Trust us: it will make car rides a much more pleasant experience, we’ve seen this method work time and time again!

5. Use Calming Supplements

Give your pet a calming chew to promote calm behavior before visiting the vet or groomer.  They typically take around 30 minutes to kick in and will help alleviate some of their stress and anxiety when in unfamiliar places.

Cat Calming Supplement: NaturVet Hemp Quiet Moments Plus Hemp Seed Soft Chews for Cats 

Dog Calming Supplement: Naturvet Quiet Moments Plus Hemp Calming Aid Soft chews for Dogs

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