3 Ways To Commemorate Your Pets

Grieving comes in all shapes and sizes and is unique to each individual. Here are 3 ways to help commemorate pet's you've lost.

There are many ways that we can remember the joy that our pet brought into our life and celebrate them for years to come. Be patient with yourself as it may take time before you are ready to take these steps.

Jewelry. Jewelry offers a personalized way to keep your pet's memory close to you. A service from Perpetua Jewels. (perpetuadnajewels.com) is able to replicate your pet's unique DNA and use the strand to form a jewel. They offer some beautiful options to keep your pet’s memory close to your heart.

Photo albums. Families take many pictures of their pets throughout their life. Spending some time to print your favorite photos and frame them for your home or create an album dedicated to them is a really nice way to keep them in your heart and in your vision.  

Memorial Garden. At Brook Farm Veterinary Center, we have a Pet Memorial Park where we encourage people to sit and reflect, laugh, and grieve. Making a memorial garden of your own and planting seeds can give you and your family a dedicated place to commemorate your pet. There is something very special about watching a tree or flower blossom to honor the love and journey you have shared with your pet.

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