"Dr. Clark was incredibly kind and thorough, checking everything"

Hear what Caryn, our remote account manager, has to say about her telehealth experience with Brook Farm Veterinary Center.

Yumi Peck
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Upper Respiratory Infection

Some of you probably know me from phone calls and emails, but let me take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Caryn and I am an account manager at Brook Farm. I live in Arizona and am a proud mama to a number of cats and dogs (and even a horse!). Recently I had an emergency with my senior kitty, Yumi, and I want to tell you about how Brook Farm saved her life.

On Sunday, my husband and I were out most of the day with our pups. We arrived home after dinner with family to discover Yumi hiding away, under the couch. This is unusual for her, as she's generally a friendly kitty and has a dedicated bed she normally parks herself within. Concerned, we got her out from under the couch to find significant nasal congestion and runny eyes. This is very scary, as not only is Yumi nearly 16, but she also has a heart murmur. Since it was late Sunday night, I got onto my Vet's website here in Arizona and requested an immediate appointment Monday morning.

The next day I got word back from my Vet: They were fully booked and couldn't see me until the end of the week!

I started making frantic phone calls. Yumi was eating and drinking, but her lethargy was so extreme it was difficult to wake her, and her sinuses were sounding awful. Any infection can affect the heart, and the longer it goes on, the harder the heart must work and greater damage can be done.

Despite my numerous calls, the best any Veterinarian nearby could offer was an appointment Wednesday. I started to become very, very scared that the unchecked infection would seriously damage her heart and take her from me. In desperation, I asked for help from Brook Farm.

Even though I was many states away, my manager Evan and Dr. Clark sprung into action. Within an hour I was having a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Clark. She was incredibly kind and thorough, checking to make sure Yumi was able to breathe, was eating, and not in imminent danger. Once Dr. Clark had assessed the entire situation, she issued a prescription for antibiotics that I picked up that same day from a local pharmacy.

Oh what a difference a day makes! After just two doses of antibiotics, Yumi was nearly back to her old self. She was perked up, breathing much easier, and sassy about life again!

I am forever grateful and proud to be part of the Brook Farm family. Not only is Brook Farm a wonderful place to work, but we have the most kind and compassionate team, that always takes the time to look after all the pets that come through the door with the same love and care as they do their own. Even when they see that pet through a computer screen!

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