"Dr. Kanouse points out what’s wrong and he doesn’t go to extremes with treatments. He doesn’t rush to use medicines."

Lynne Brady explains why she's been a loyal part of the Brook Farm Family for over 15 years.

Mack Brady
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When calling Mrs. Brady we asked about her past 15 years as a Brook Farm client.  We asked about her experiences with us, and she told us she chooses us time and time again because she loves Dr. Kanouse.  

She said, “When he examines the dog, he examines them carefully from head to toe.”

“He points out what’s wrong and he doesn’t go through extremes with treatments.  He doesn’t rush to use medicines.  There was even a time she brought up that Dr. Kanouse went above and beyond and ran the fluid in Mack’s mass in office, without having to send it out to another lab. 

“I liked that!” She exclaimed.  “All the staff is very friendly and nice, very courteous.” 

We thanked her for her feedback and then we asked how Lynne first heard about our veterinarians.  She said that Dr. Kanouse was recommended by a friend of hers over 15 years ago and she has been a client of ours ever since. 

When asked if we live up to her expectations with each visit, she quickly replied, “yes!” I can’t remember who or why they recommended him to me, but Dr. Kanouse came highly recommended.    

Since it’s known that some pets don’t enjoy visiting the vet, we wanted to see how Lynne’s experience has been with her dog Mack.  When we asked if Mack, her Schnauzer, enjoys coming to see us, she said, “He doesn’t seem to mind it! He goes in and hops right on the scale! He seems fine with it!” 

This made us really happy to hear as we want to make all vet visits as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for both our clients and our patients. We thanked Lynne for taking the time out of her day to provide us with some insight from her 15 years with us here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center. We take pride in hearing about her experiences with our team and hearing that Mack enjoys coming to visit us too. We look forward to working with you and your fur babies for many more years to come!

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