"We have always been very happy here for over 23 years now and 3 different cats!"

Linda and Joe Higham have trusted Brook Farm Veterinary Center as their vet for over 23 years!

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Case Study: Linda & Joe Higham -> Patient: Juniper (feline)

    Over 23 years ago Linda Higham and her husband Joe moved to Putnam County.  Upon moving into their new home, their neighbor recommended they check out Brook Farm Veterinary Center for their cats medical needs.  They explained to the Highams that it was only about 3-4 miles from their new home so they decided to try us out. 

Linda stressed that, “When we went there for the first time everyone was so nice and so kind.”  

She mentioned having three different cats over the past 23 years with us.  One she had since she was a kitten, the second was an elderly woman’s cat who had to go into a nursing home so Linda cared for her until she became old and passed on.  Her current cat is actually her daughter's cat, Juniper, who was a feral cat from North Carolina that really bonded with their family immediately. 

Linda kept stressing how kind our staff is here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center. When asked what keeps her and her pets coming back to Brook Farm, she said confidently about our team that, “They always take good care of my cat, they’re close to home, and we are totally happy and have been for years.” 

We thanked Mrs. Higham for her loyalty over the years and asked if we did anything that exceeded her expectations.  Linda mentioned how we do a really nice job of always keeping her informed about what her pet needs and she also mentioned being thoroughly impressed with our curbside procedures we put in place during the pandemic. 

We thanked her for her time and asked one last question about her cat, Juniper.  We wanted to know, “How does Juniper enjoy visiting our team?”

Linda replied with no hesitation and said, “She doesn’t have any problems whatsoever! She’s a happy camper when she comes to Brook Farm Veterinary Center. She doesn’t get sick and she really seems happy!”

We couldn’t be happier hearing this feedback about Linda’s cat,  Juniper. Knowing that we’re doing our best to keep pets feeling comfortable, happy, and safe while in our care really justifies why we do what we do.

Thank you to the Highams for your support over the years, we look forward to many more to come! 

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