"We love you guys and plan to stick around for many years to come!"

Hannah Perez explains how our team helps ease her dog Hero's anxiety.

Hero Perez
Comprehensive Exam
Pet's Name
Lyme Disease

Client: Hannah Perez

Patient: Hero (White and Brindle Husky Mix)

Hero as a little puppy!

Hannah Perez told us about how she first heard about Brook Farm Veterinary Center.  She explains that, “Brook Farm was recommended to me through the rescue that I adopted my dog, Hero, from. From day one I knew it was the place for us!”  This put a smile on our team’s faces about as big as the smile Hero has in his most recent Brook Farm photo. 

When we asked Hannah to elaborate on her experiences with us over the past 4 years she said, “From the front desk staff to the techs, to our favorite Dr Clark, we are always treated with so much kindness, patience, and respect.”

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center our clients and their pets are like family to us. We strive to always work with initiative, positivity and warmth in order to bridge the gap between humans and their pets while focusing on their wellness to keep a better, stronger bond like the one we have with Hannah and Hero.  

Hannah wanted to also point out that her dog Hero is “very anxious.”  She said there have even been times where our veterinary technicians had to “physically lay on the floor to keep him calm.” This is something that happens alot in the veterinary industry because a lot of pet’s are afraid of going to the vet.  We have taken this into consideration and have modified our procedures, handling and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving care.  Hearing Hannah’s feedback about how we handled Hero in his most anxious state truly  solidified that we are making a difference in the lives of our clients and their pets and is something we are very proud of. 

We asked if Hannah thought Hero enjoyed going to the vet and she responded very truthfully and said, “While I cannot say he enjoys going to the vet, he does very much love the team there. Everyone is so good to him & he knows this!” 

We are not afraid to get dirty if it will help our patients, like Hero, feel more comfortable.  It’s just what we do around here because the love we all have for animals is what drives us to do our very best.

Hannah continued to say that our team has always helped ease Hero’s anxiety.  She took a moment to recall some past experiences where she mentioned, “when we first came in, a sweet girl named Allie was working there. She got Hero so excited to be there! Then the same happened when Christine joined the team. She was an angel! Kevin, the former vet tech, handled Hero during his most anxious moments. Now, we have Emily and Jess who are equally as incredible! They kept him so calm during a visit where I couldn’t go inside.  We look forward to working with Hannah and Hero for many years to come and sWe love you guys and plan to stick around for many years to come!” 

Hero at his most recent Brook Farm appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your Brook Farm experiences, Hannah. We take pride in finding good people to work for us who share the same common goals and encompass our core values.  We also look forward to seeing you and Hero for many years to come! We just can’t get over his adorable smile.


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