"I’ve worked in customer service for over 30 years and that’s the way to do it!”

Charles Stamler explains why he's been a loyal part of the Brook Farm Family since 2015.

Emma Stamler
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Emma Stamler

We called our long time client Mr. Stamler to inquire about his past experiences with his dog Emma and our team here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center.  He was thrilled to speak with us and answer any questions we had.  We are very grateful for his feedback.  When we called him we heard barking in the background so we asked if that was Emma and Mr. Stamler said quickly, “Of course, she’s trying to say hello also!”  

We asked Mr. Stamler if he’d want to participate in a case study for our website and he was excited to be included.  When asked what makes Brook Farm Veterinary Center the veterinarian of his choice, Mr. Stamler told us that we, “are convenient and very accommodating and you show all the love and care towards Emma.  He continued, “I could not appreciate that more!” 

When asked how Mr. Stamler heard about Brook Farm Veterinary Center, he told us that many many years ago his sister in law referred him to us and he’s been happily using our services ever since. We briefly spoke to Mr. Stamler about how tough it can be when moving to a new city, trying to find a reliable veterinarian, or even a doctor that you can truly trust.  He expressed that, “word of mouth is the only way.” 

We expressed our appreciation that his sister in law was able to refer him and Emma over to our team and that we are so grateful for the bond we’ve all made over the years.

Then we asked Mr. Stamler if there was anything special about our level of service that keeps him and Emma coming back and he said, “the level of care, the convenience of texting instead of having to call in, it’s all very accommodating. I don’t have to wait on hold, go through all the prompts, and it makes it so much more convenient.  He said going back and forth with texting and through using our app, PetDesk, it is so much easier.”

We explained how awesome it is to hear that it’s helping simplify his experience and explained that’s exactly what we aim for here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center. We thanked him, explaining how it means a lot to us to hear his positive feedback.

His response to this was “it really means a lot to us! It’s great for you, and it makes it easier for us - the clients.” Mr. Stamler then went on to explain how our team always puts themselves in the client’s shoes and sees exactly what the client is looking for. 

Mr. Stamler continued his interview by saying that “When you use that mindset it makes life so much easier. I’ve worked in customer service for over 30 years and that’s the way to do it!”

We thanked Mr. Stamler for his feedback and asked if Emma feels the same way about our team, asking if she enjoys coming to see us.  Sometimes this can be a tough question as statistics have shown that many pets fear going to the vet.  At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we’re trying to change that common assumption and Mr. Stamler helped us do just that with his response.  He told us that, “She goes nuts, she knows when we get there she gets out and smells the air.  She really looks forward to going in knowing she’s going to be taken care of!”

This made us really happy to hear as we try to do everything we can to make all vet visits as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, for both our clients, and our patients. Hearing that Emma enjoys seeing our team as much as we enjoy seeing her made us all smile from ear to ear. 

We concluded our chat with Mr. Stamler by asking if our team has lived up to his expectations with each visit and he said, “No, sorry! They exceed them!” 

Huge thank you to Mr. Stamler for taking the time to chat with us about his experience as a client of ours. We truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing it with our team and potential clients. 

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