"Lives up to my expectations every time!"

Why the Hubbs have used Brook Farm Veterinary Center for years!

David & Valerie Hubbs
Emergency Surgery for foreign object removal
Pet's Name
Otis had consumed a Christmas ornament and wasn't able to pass it himself.

 It all started back when the Hubbs moved to Carmel, NY and were referred by a friend who used Dr. Kanouse as their family veterinarian. They highly recommended Brook Farm Veterinary Center to the Hubb family because of our compassion during the end stages of their pet’s life. We were there for them during this tough time and because of that the Hubbs thought that Brook Farm Veterinary Center would be a great fit for their precious fur babies.

Years later we received a call from Mr. and Mrs. Hubb’s who stated that their dog Otis had eaten some Christmas decorations and had not passed them. They were scared what would happen to their furry friend so we immediately got them scheduled to see our doctors and assured them that Otis would be in good hands. 

After their emergency visit with Otis, we received a glowing 5 star review from the Hubb family that stated: 

“If there were ratings higher than excellent and exceptional, I would select them. Dr. Kanouse and his staff attended to our pet and his worried family during an emergency in a way that I hope my own doctors will treat me. God bless the Brook Farm staff.”

Reading this review made our team smile, knowing that we were there for Otis and his family during this time of emergency. At Brook Farm Veterinary Center your pet's health is our life passion.

  We reached out to the Hubbs to thank them for the kind review and ask a few additional questions. When we greeted Mr. Hubbs he was thrilled that we called and was more than willing to answer some questions about his experience with Brook Farm Veterinary Center. 

When asked, “What makes Brook Farm Veterinary Center the Vet of your choice?” 

Mr. Hubbs quickly replied, “Both Dr. Kanouse  & Dr. Clark are always very informative, compassionate, and available.  We had an emergency and Dr. Kanouse went out of his way to perform emergency surgery for Otis. We trust his care, this is the second time now.   Dr. Kanouse also helped us with a euthanasia we had to deal with in the past.”

When asked, “What about our level of service keeps you coming back?”

My Hubbs replied, “The whole staff is always pleasant & easy to deal with, even during the pandemic!

When asked, “Does our team live up to your expectations with each visit?”

Mr. Hubbs said without pause, “Absolutely! Every time!”

Finishing up the conversation, we asked Mr. Hubb’s,  “Does Otis enjoy visiting our team?”

Mr. Hubbs chuckled a bit and said, “You know what,  even when Otis had a material lodged in his intestine and needed to have it removed via emergency surgery he was still wagging his tail even when we arrived at Brook Farm. So, Yes! He always does.”

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations. If you’re a pet parent in Putnam County seeking veterinary services, our team at Brook Farm is here for you. We look forward to growing with you and your furry friends, like we have Mr. and Mrs. Hubbs.

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