"I have never had a bad experience at Brook Farm."

Christine Scandalis explains how she and her cats Izzy and Keebler have never had a bad experience at Brook Farm.

Christine Scandalis
Exam, Vaccines, Cyst Removal
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Case Study: Christine Scandalis -> Patient: Keebler (feline)

We love hearing that clients have found our services through referrals.


In this case, Christine Scandalis and her cats were referred to Brook Farm Veterinary Center by her mother in law. When reviewing us after her last visit with her cats, Izzy and Keebler, Christine wrote, “I have never had a bad experience at Brook Farm. I love the doctors and all of the staff.  They are all so compassionate.”


This is exactly the experience we want our clients to have so we reached out to Christine to see if she would elaborate on her experiences.  She was happy to do so and told us how wonderful everyone is and that our doctors are so nice.  She exclaimed, “We love it, We love it!”


When asked about what keeps her coming back to Brook Farm Veterinary Center for Izzy and Keebler’s care she stated, “The staff is so pleasant, so helpful, and very nice! I just love the compassion that everyone has.”


Christine said we absolutely exceed her expectations each time she has visited us and wants everyone to know that the level of compassion everyone has here at Brook Farm is unmatched.  Chistine has had numerous visits here with both of our highly skilled doctors, Dr. Clark and Dr. Kanouse.  She was impressed by both of them for their level of compassion and how they handled her pets gently. She specified that, “The doctors explain everything in detail, to a T.” 


Dr. Kanouse was the doctor Christine turned to when her pet Oreo was being put down and she says she brags to people about him because of his level of honesty and compassion. Regarding her last visit she mentioned how “Keebler is the type of cat who hides from everyone” and that  “the way they treated him, he was very calm! He was such a good boy, such a good boy.”


We take pride in being trained on the latest Fear Free techniques and handling. It warms our hearts knowing that we’re making veterinary experiences better for patients like Keebler, because we believe that your pet deserves nothing less.


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