"Everyone was so compassionate to both the owners & the pet!"

Mr. and Mrs. Willisch have trusted Brook Farm Veterinary Center as their vet for over 10 years!

Cathryn & Kenneth Willisch
Microchipping was used to help reunite Logan with his family.
Pet's Name

Case Study: Willisch Family - Logan the escape artist

Sometimes things happen that are unexpected. For example we received a phone call from someone stating he had found a dog he thought belonged to his neighbor. Luckily we knew exactly who he was talking about and were able to contact the Willisch family and get them reunited with their dog, Logan. 

When Mrs. Willisch answered the phone, she was in shock that we were asking about Logan because she thought Logan was outside with her husband while he was working on the driveway. They were super thankful we were able to get them reunited and called us to express their gratitude. We asked if they’d like to answer a few questions regarding their time with us here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center, and they were more than willing to help. 

When we asked what made Brook Farm Veterinary Center the vet of their choosing for their pets, Mrs. Willisch told us that no matter what they’ve needed in the past, Brook Farm has always been available for them.  

Reminiscing over the years, we asked what originally brought the Willisch’s to Brook Farm Veterinary Center and although the exact scenario was hard to recall, Mrs. Willisch emphasized that it was a very long time ago.  She mentioned it was back when they had their pug Sammy.  So, we checked the records on our end and it appears they’ve been a part of our Brook Farm Family since 2010.  Mrs. Willisch reiterated that we’ve seen many of their pets and that our service and the way we treat her pets always keeps them coming back. 

This is something we take pride in here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center because we are truly obsessed with pets. The love we feel for animals drives us to do our best each and every day.  As an AAHA-accredited hospital, you can trust our team to take care of every detail and make you feel right at home. Our practice is thorough, responsive, sanitary, and safe.

When asked if our team lives up to their expectations, Mrs. Willisch was quick to reply, “Yes! and Logan loves everyone here!” She even went on to describe a personal situation when her pet Ruby was sick, explaining how everyone at Brook Farm was so compassionate to both her and her pet during this hard time.

If you're in need of a vet who will always be there for you and your pets, consider calling Brook Farm Veterinary Center.  We have many clients who have been with us for decades and we'd love to add some more.

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