The "$20.00 Dog"

A brief look into how Alan and his wife discovered Brook Farm Veterinary Center over 25 years ago

Alan Ryder
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     It all started back in the early 1990’s when Alan’s wife was reading the “penny saver.” She happened to come across an ad for puppies that needed a forever home. Reading further into the advertisement, she realized these puppies were only $20.00 to a good home, and simply couldn’t resist.  They hadn’t had a pet in a long time so a short while later, they found themselves driving to pick up their newest addition to the family: “The $20.00 dog” as Alan says.

     As involved members of the Putnam County community, Alan and his wife heard of Brook Farm Veterinary Center many times. Alan specifically mentioned that Dr. Kanouse’s involvement with the Putnam Humane Society was what made us stand out from the other options available. He and his wife confidently chose Brook Farm for their veterinary needs in 1995 for their “$20.00 dog” and are still a part of our family today! Over the years Alan’s fur family has grown and we are lucky enough to care for all 4 of his dogs now: Pippa, Ace, Lexi and Renegade. 

     We are extremely grateful for clients like Alan and his wife. They put their trust into our team at Brook Farm Veterinary Center for over 25 years now and have never looked back. Just this past week we had the pleasure of seeing Pippa who wasn’t feeling herself. After her visit, we called to check up on her and thank Alan for writing us a great review of his service.

     In his review Alan rated his overall experience as “Exceptional,” and added that he “recommends Brook Farm to anybody searching for a vet.” This is exactly what we want our clients to feel and we called him to thank him personally.  

     I was so excited to speak with Alan and upon answering the phone he was thrilled to inform me that, “Pippa is doing fantastic! You sent her home with a collar and it bothered her a bit when we got out the car... but since then she has not scratched at it one bit. She has left it alone and she is healing very well!”

     Alan reiterated why he’s chosen Brook Farm Veterinary Center for all these years by letting me know that the level of service he experienced with Pippa is what he receives “Every time, every time I come, there is no problem!” Alan and his family are always pleased with Dr. Kanouse’s level of service and compassionate care.

     At Brook Farm Veterinary Center our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations. If you’re a pet parent in Putnam County seeking veterinary services, our team at Brook Farm is here for you. We look forward to growing with you and your furry friends, like we have Alan and his amazing pack for the past 25 years.

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