“Funny enough, he actually seems to like going to the vet now.”

Hear what former physician, Patricia Hartwell, has to say about her experiences with Brook Farm Veterinary Center.

Buddy Hartwell
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Kidney Failure

A few years ago, Patricia Hartwell knew it was time to explore a new veterinarian when Buddy, her cat, was showing signs of having a blockage. Since it was a Saturday her normal veterinarian wasn’t available to help. Thankfully she contacted our team here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center, since we’re open, and we were able to get her cat Buddy seen that same day. Long story short, we’ve been working with Patricia and Buddy ever since.

“It was a difficult time,” said Patricia. Thankfully Dr. Kanouse operated on Buddy that same Saturday knowing the importance of getting Buddy unblocked. After working with us through this difficult situation Patricia decided to transfer Buddy’s records and make us his primary veterinarian. Since then, Patricia has trusted our team with Buddy’s care and has come to love our boarding services.  Patricia told us how she loves to board Buddy with us whenever she’s going out of town because as a cat who used to fear the vet, he no longer does.  

She said, “He actually used to be very fearful of the vet, however after meeting your team, and lodging with you, he is fine.”  She added, “Funny enough, he actually seems to like going to the vet now.”  She described this as a “interesting experience and like he’s giving us his own testimonial.” We thanked her and laughed at this sentiment stating back to her that “We are very thankful for his endorsement.”

When we asked if there was anything else she’d like to elaborate on regarding her experiences with Brook Farm, Patricia replied, “They’ve done a great job diagnosing Buddy’s issues and treating them.  Buddy’s 16 years old now.” She then added, “Everybody has been wonderful. Both Dr. Kanouse and Dr. Clark are very caring,  thorough, and patient people. The support staff is outstanding. I’ll say this, as a retired physician I’m very aware of how important those factors are.”

We love hearing feedback like this and are very lucky to have clients and patients like Patricia and her cat Buddy.  At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we work with initiative, positivity, and warmth to bridge the gap between humans and their pets, focusing on wellness to keep a better, stronger bond — we know pets are family and we do everything we can to treat them as such. 

We thanked Patricia for taking the time out of her day to speak with us regarding her Brook Farm experiences.  We let her know how valuable it is to our team and to prospective new clients searching for a trusted source of veterinary care.  As you said to us, Patricia, “Many thanks!” We look forward to working with you and your pets for as long as possible. 

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