"I'm treated like family, Dr Kanouse always makes time for us and has never steered us wrong. He is special and wonderful. "

Lori Sgobbo explains why she's been a loyal member of the Brook Farm Family for over 25 years.

Bella Sgobbo
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Healthy and Comfortable

Client: Lori Sgobbo

Patient: Bella

We were excited to speak with a client of ours whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with for over the past 25 years. When calling Ms. Sgobbo, to speak with her about her experiences with our team, she told us that she can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kanouse, exclaiming, “He’s the best!”

Lori Sgobbo chooses Brook Farm Veterinary Center time and time again because she loves Dr. Kanouse and his level of care for his patients.  She spoke about Dr. Kanouse’s care, “I’ll give him 99.99% because no one is perfect, but he’s a special man.  He really is awesome.”

We inquired about where Ms. Sgobbo heard about Brook Farm in the first place and she informed us that her late brother Tony was the one who recommended she give us a try many years ago.  Ms. Sgobbo was thrilled with her brother’s referral many many years ago and has been choosing our team at Brook Farm Veterinary Center to help care for her fur babies ever since. We have the pleasure of currently working with Lori’s beautiful kitty Bella and have worked with many of her past pets too.

Lori said she loves coming to our facility because she is “treated like family, Dr Kanouse always makes time for us and has never steered us wrong. He is special and wonderful. I always receive excellent care from Dr K! Good news or bad news, Dr Kanouse always helps us make informed decisions.”

When asked, Does our team live up to your expectations with each visit Lori was happy to tell us that, “They exceed them!””

We thanked Lori Sgobbo for taking the time out of her day to provide us with some insight on her past visits. We take pride in hearing about our client’s experiences and hope to have many more memorable moments with Ms. Sgobbo and her pets in the future.

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