"Everyone is so warm and welcoming towards not only me, but my dog. It made me feel very comfortable."

Jill O'Rourke explains why she made the decision to bring her dog Bella to Brook Farm Veterinary Center.

Bella O'Rourke
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Happy, Healthy, and Protected

Everyone is so warm and welcoming towards not only me, but my dog. It made me feel very comfortableClient: Jill O’Rourke

Patient: Bella

Jill O’Rourke knew it was time to explore a new veterinarian in her area after being told that her dog Bella wouldn’t be able to get in for an emergency appointment for one week at her past vet.  Thankfully, Jill was referred to us by some of her friends, and she has been coming to Brook Farm Veterinary Center ever since.

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we work with initiative, positivity, and warmth to bridge the gap between humans and their pets, focusing on wellness to keep a better, stronger bond — we know pets are family and we do everything we can to treat them as such. 

When we asked if Jill would like to participate in a case study for our website she was excited to provide some feedback. We asked Jill what makes Brook Farm Veterinary Center the veterinarian of her choice and she said, “You’re very accommodating, efficient, and the staff is so lovely. Everyone is so warm and welcoming towards not only me, but my dog. It made me feel very comfortable”

We stressed how important it is for our clients to feel welcomed and to feel like they’re visiting with friends or family when bringing in their pets.  Jill assured us that we did a great job with this.

When asked about meeting Jill’s expectations, Jill said we absolutely live up to her expectations with each visit and even though she is still getting to know everyone she has been thrilled with our level of service thus far.

Jill said, “Everyone is so inviting, pleasant to work with, and you guys are always trying to make things better. That’s always a good thing, asking for people’s input to see what’s working and not working. You guys are doing a great job!”

We thanked Jill for her feedback and let her know how valuable it is to our team.   

Bella, Jill’s dog, is one among many of our patients who suffer from high anxiety so she tends to not enjoy going to the vet.  However, Jill did say, “Once she’s up on the table she seems comfortable, due to the technician and the doctor, and I appreciate that.”  She then added, “But honestly, she’s a homebody.” We laughed and agreed that we too can relate to how Bella was feeling. There is no place like home, right?

At Brook Farm Veterinary Center we aim to be just like home, but with more treats!  We’re dedicated to fear free practices, so much so that we've modified our procedures, handling, and facilities to help each pet feel as safe and comfortable as possible while receiving care. We empathize with Jill about how it can be a scary place for pets, coming to get vaccinated and she assured us again that’s just how Bella is and we’re all doing a really nice job!

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