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Hear what Mr. Lucas, a hiring manager, has to say about our team!

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Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our newer clients, Patrick Lucas. Mr. Lucas and his beautiful German Shepherd Bella have been visiting us for a little over a year, and he was kind enough to provide us with some really fantastic feedback regarding his experiences with Brook Farm.

Mr. Lucas first came to us when it was time for Bella to be spayed in early 2021. He enjoyed our service and the care Bella received for her surgery so much, he decided to make the move to Brook Farm and put Bella's health in our capable hands.

Since deciding to make Brook Farm his Veterinarian of choice, we have seen Bella several times. As a long-time manager who was in charge of hiring at his own company, Mr. Lucas had nothing but wonderful things to say about the enthusiasm, knowledge and kindness of the staff at Brook Farm every time he visits. As he put it, "You can train skills, but you can't train attitude."

When concluding our conversation regarding Mr. Lucas' feedback, he made sure to let us know what a valuable asset we are, both professionally and personally!

Every time we have the opportunity to chat with Mr. Lucas, he always makes sure to let us know what a great job we do for Bella and how much he appreciates us. And we are happy and proud to say that feeling is mutual! We are so honored to care for the beautiful Bella, and all our patients here at Brook Farm!

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